A path for reflection

March 21, 2008 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

One step at a time

How many of us are dissatisfied with the present-day society?
How many are resigned not to expect any improvement?
Yet recent history shows us that great social progresses are not only possible, but can quickly spread among the population;
the most striking example is given by the women emancipation: today, in western countries, laws making discriminations between sexes would not be conceivable anymore but at our grandparents time, women had neither economic autonomy nor the right to vote.
Why many of us have no doubts on imminent and significant technological progress but do not believe in forthcoming social progress?
Is it true that moral values do not exist anymore?
How come, in the era of democracy, citizens are pervaded by this sense of resignation?
Does it depend on human nature or is it the result of a cultural tradition?
We think it is possible to get out of this situation, but for succeeding we need a change, or rather a cultural adaptation, leading to a new conception of an actually beneficial progress, a new conception of democracy that truly respects the needs of citizens and a new conception of information, manageable by anyone.
To start this change, it is necessary to re-examine in depth of our view of the world, our values and our problems, making an optimal use of modern scientific knowledge.

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