First stop on the Nature Lakeside

January 5, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


“Watch that Rock, it seems a bench”

“To me, that rock seems just a rock;
it is your tiredness that makes you think it looks like a bench “

“Okay, it is a generic rock, but if you don’t mind I will sit on it”

“I don’t mind at all,
indeed I also think that the time has come to make a stop “

“From this promontory, the sight is really wonderful,
I thought I knew this lake very well but today I discovered a new paradise ”

“You understand now what the point of view means?
It’s amazing how things you’ve always had in front of you,
even those that seems insignificant,
turn magically into something new, only changing the prospect. “

“It is not only beautiful, but it is also easier than expected;
for example, to say that the concept of race is distinct from that of species
is a triviality, but I never stopped and reflected on how this
is linked to reproductive capacity. ”

“True, and once you reach this awareness,
is natural to wonder how many thousands of different species
of living beings could have been originated “

“The question would also come natural, but the answer is not as immediate .”

“Sure it is not immediate,
otherwise we would have not needed to walk this path. “

“Finding the answer in the evolution of species,
due to mutations and natural selection is indeed dazzling!
Huge new horizons now open,
we can start breathing with greater satisfaction… ”

“No, look that if you breath better
is because you’re a chicken breeding segregated in the city
that today has allowed himself to have this “life experience”
for a walk in the hills. “

“Okay, you are right, but to acquire the concept
to be relative with all other living species
gives me a sense of better identification and serenity. ”

“Indeed, seeing the environment in its function
of great farmer and evolution as perpetual adaptation
to the environment, makes you space in infinity. “

“Yes, that endless universe in which the Earth
represents only a grain of dust; a grain we live on. ”

“We live on it, but not since long.
The game of the evolutionary day gives you the concrete perception
of how recent is the appearance of human beings. “

“Even analyzing in depth the evolutionary historyof species,
it is fundamental to understand how everything is in constant evolution
and as such concept should not be confused with that of progress. ”

“I must say that the chat made so far has been constructive;
for example, it is fascinating to talk about sexuality, a topic
still often considered taboo, not only as a natural phenomenon
but also in its function of great resource of species
which led to an impressive evolutionary acceleration of the same. “

“Even the identification of resources is important
because it makes you understand how technology, socialization
and specialization should evolve together to draw full benefit.”

“On the other hand they represent the pillars of culture
of this symbiotic and social animal which is man.”

“A culture which would not have developed
in this way without the evolution of the word. ”

“Do you see how naturally we now use terms like evolution,
progress, harmony, community and synergy of group?
And how it is possible to see the obvious similarities between
the biological and cultural evolution? “

“Great, all approved unanimously!
However I have always said that you are an animal.”

“That is how it shows we are brothers.”

“Hit and sunk. What you say, are we starting our walk again?”

“Yes, but if you want we can take a coffee at the kiosk
which is a bit further up. “

“There was the possibility of taking a coffee
and you weren’t saying anything?
Of course I want a cup of coffee!
A coffee in a glass, with foam ”

“Okay,  fine… you’ll have the foam”


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