Second stop at Culture Square

March 3, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


“Here we are in Culture Square, a beautiful piazza
where we must absolutely stop ”

“You are attracted by the artistic beauty or are you tired again?
This second part of the walk seemed too heavy to you? “

“Why, was it a walk? To me it seemed
a path of war, a minefield ”

“Exaggerated, there has been some rise, but don’t you think it was
worth to understand that culture has developed under the same
laws of natural selection and in close connection with
biological developments? “

“Indeed yes, as it was crucial to understand that,
beyond the cultural spread by family tradition, there is an autonomous spread
similar to viral epidemics, spreading focus
on the supremacy of the community on the individual and even an
aware and targeted spread ”

“Exactly, but recalling how in any case the spread of
culture does not always improve the quality of life and then how
it is necessary to be aware of it for curbing the
negative and especially lethal effects “

“About negative effects, let us sit
on the edge of the fountain and enjoy some fresh air ”

“You feel the need of it? After so much sweating to understand
that man is a complex machine for the storage, transport
and duplication of genes … “

“The more we go forward with these discussions, the more I realize
that in life I studied much, but I understood little ”

“This is nothing new to me, the amazing fact is that you
finally realized it”

“Ok, joke, but it seems to me that while climbing
you too were a bit short of breath ”

“It could not be otherwise; to reconstruct the transition from
livestock to human culture, identifying the main
tools used and fundamental stages traveled
for cultural development, is not just that easy “

“You’re right, but the real obstacle I’ve found
was in having to accept that we live in our
imaginary world and that it is perfectly
natural; it rather represents a further evolutionary resource “

“Indeed it is a difficult concept to face,
but that is then fairly easy to understand and
indispensable for understanding the true nature of superstitions,
of religions, sciences and their relations “

“The new concept of functional philosophy too,
as a natural instrument for biological purposes,
and the one equally original of psychological pollution,
made up of the misinformation that lead us
to act against our interests, have prompted some
momentum “

“Not to mention the fact that man is a religious animal for his own
nature, both from a genetic and cultural point of view “

“Yes, but many climbs have helped to start
to address the subsequent issues in descent, as the
educational function of religions and their rituals,
and the educational nature of man
that consists in observing nature,
fixing the benchmarks and identifying
patterns of behavior ”

“But what are you doing, talking about behavior patterns and
then you bath your feet in the fountain? “

“Why? It ‘a prerogative of foreign tourists only? ”

“Of all the virtues of foreigners you have successfully imitated
the feet washing in public fountains, congratulations! “

“Ok, I agree, do not scandalize.
it is better that I wear my shoes again
before they are classified as weapons
of mass destruction ”

“Here, bravo, let’s avoid this risk and start again”


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