3rd Break

April 16, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


“We also walked the Avenue of Values,
a broad boulevard, just for pedestrians, with two rows of
imposing trees that seem to form a picket of Honor
and inviting benches in their function of benches ”

“Yes, this time is not a mirage, these are just benches
on which we can make an additional stop, as long as you
promise not to lie down “

“Promised, because once lying
I would fall asleep, then start to snore… ”

“Yes, let’s avoid these situations, after all we have seen how
the value of education and respect are important and how
values should be protected by practicing them, only with a
continual practice we can feel their presence “

“And here we return to the importance of awareness,
because only if we have clear ideas about what the values are,
which are the values needed today and the precise
meaning of words such as wealth and homeland, we can decide
to choose our own values and then to practice them ”

“Exactly, too often we are talking about values
and other important concepts without ever having reflected
on them, reusing clichés and mass stereotypes, without knowing
even the different meanings of terms used”

“By the way, do you really know what stereotype means?
I do not know and do not want to know,
by its name, it must be something awful ”

“It’s good that you always want to do the witty,
but we saw how the freedom of thought, even if recognized
by law, may be a false freedom when theability to think,
meant as intellectual capacity, is blurred by both
obscurantist traditions of various kinds
or by sophisticated mental plagiarism techniques “

“Well, allow me a joke every now and then,
even though I recognize that freedom of thought is today more
valuable than ever, being the necessary precondition to real progress,
progress that we must pursue to deal with a cultural increasingly fast
feeding an increasing demanding adaptive emergency ”

“In fact in this world increasingly whirling we can no longer
afford a dogmatic culture because this may have
a role only in an environment that remains static for many
generations “

“Even if we have moved from rejection of dogma
to the recognition of the importance of religions … ”

“This is not a contradiction, it means recognizing our
essentially religious nature, understanding the role that religions
have always covered and trying to obtain the best from them
with awareness of the characteristics of the contemporary world”

“This modern world in which we must not give
for granted the freedom of thought because of constraints
induced by both commercial and political propaganda ”

“And let’s not forget the increasingly powerful weapons of persuasion,
from which we can defend ourselves only collectively, but to do so
we need a real community “

“I’m assimilating too many concepts at the same time,
a similar amount of reasoning should be taught
gradually in the many years we spend in school
when we are children and teenagers ”

“Instead, the school is not only inadequate,
but tends to become less and less accessible “

“This in a democracy should not be possible ”

“In fact we live in a system of apparent democracy,
stuffed into a system of false freedoms “

“In fact I thought to be free to do
an excursion with my brother, instead look at
the  situation in which you led me”

“Do not confuse the solution with the problem,
the problem was already there, I’m trying to make you
be aware, so you can get out of it “

“When you analyze the words I say one by one
I hate you, I cannot speak freely,
make a little joke… ”

“I might also be petulant, but freedom of talk does not mean
to speak foolishly and not to use the proper words may lead
to misrepresent all “

“So we must not be superficial and approximate
because we cannot afford it,
but for being more aware and accurate we need
the necessary knowledge ”

“Yes, but we must know how to dose the basic knowledge and
expertise, without forcing too the attitudes of individuals “

“You say well, but it is not easy”

“Agreed, but if we give up before beginning,
we lose from the start, we must be aware
of the need for rational and spread knowledge
in order to study then the most appropriate organization “

“One of the obstacles to be overcome for this purpose
consists in identifying the reliable sources of information,
but often we are not even able to distinguish facts from opinions ”

“This demonstrates the urgent need to deepen the basic concepts
and disseminate them by all means “

“If we think well of it, in some respects we have not yet
left the Middle Ages, history has taught us nothing ”

“If history has taught us nothing, it is  because it was used
to commemorate the deeds of kings rather than
social phenomena and I agree that in this field
we are still in the Middle Ages, the progress achieved is
only technologic and often it is not even a true progress,
as it created more inconveniences than advantages “

“So we must start again,
review history and its cycles, to best understand
the present time, we must commit study, sweat … ”

“Do you think that it has ever achieved a great objective without
heavy efforts? In any case, now it is no longer
a choice but a necessity and if we are good at
organizing everything, it would not even be so tiring
because we can use our main asset,
namely the co-operation of the group”

“The fact is that we have no group”

“It is from this great truth that we must
be starting “

”Do we have to leave? It is from this morning
that we walk, I want to get somewhere, not to leave! ”

“I’m afraid that our goal is in fact a point of departure … “

“I knew that I shouldn’t have trusted you,
I knew that it was a trap,
I knew that we would have encountered problems … ”

“Come on, let’s face these problems together”


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