About us

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We are the promoters of Ofelon Project


The graphic of this site, inspired by the Medieval era,
was designed to remind us
that in some important respects
we are not yet been released from the Middle Ages,
considered with the most negative meaning of the term.
This consideration must not discourage us,
but rather urge us to overcome this historic stage.

Let’s work together
to change the graphic of this site…


It is not logical to wait for the others
to be the first to behave well or to do some effort.
Alone, there’s not a lot we can do for the whole world,
but we can do a lot for ourselves
and for people around us,
identifying problems
on which we can personally intervene,
with very short-term objectives
and immediacy of result.

As an adult manages his own assets,
he must also manage his own ideas,
his own culture and his own information
to be truly independent and free.

The choices we do in life
depend on the data we have and on our culture,
which we use to interpret them.


To examine of our present problems

To study solutions either for the individual and for small groups
to improve the quality of our lives

The promotion and development of a culture dedicated
to the support of above mentioned activities

The promotion and development of a basic culture
appropriate for the cultural activities


poor knowledge, education and culture

inadequate, altered, concealed and manipulated information

Limited social aggregation:
lack of small groups of relatives and friends
with common values

lack of initiative and enterprise
due to a sense of impotence,
induced by the failure of focusing
the problems within our reach,
in turn generated by ignorance,
by disinformation
and by limited social aggregation.


Increase the personal study
and systematic comparison,
obtaining information by reliablesources
and in mutual way
Creation of small groups for the exchange
of culture and information
Mutual involvement
in the realization of these solutions


Creation of a cultural site of reference,
referred to as “the Village of Ofelon”.
Ofelon in ancient Greek language means I wish
and intends to express aspiration
to a new design target

Realization of a book
collecting some basic considerations
and constituting a mean
for a larger divulgation of the same,
as well as a basis for the subsequent considerations.

These considerations are developed
according to the following course:
man and his nature, our culture,
human values, problems to solve
and the hypothesis for the solution of the same.
The book title is
“One step at a time – A path of reflections”

Creation of a blog on the website
where the paragraphs
of the mentioned book are published,
for adding comments or proposals
and stimulating a debate
on these subjects.
To deepen the content of the book
by an exchange of knowledge and opinions.
The application of a blog to a book
has been called “blook”.

Free publishing of the book on the website,
with possibility of full reading and downloading it
in an editorial graphical form.

Creation of slides
to summarise the main points of the book.
Also the slides, referred to as “Exstracts”,
can be free read and downloaded.

Creation of a role-playing game
to which participate on the site,
in order to familiarise with the new ideas,
enjoying together the colonization of
“the Land of the Thousand Crystals”

This game has a medieval setting
and its target is:

The organization of the clans
the colonization of a territory
and the constitution of a kingdom

Making alliances among clans
to overcome the seven levels of the game

Increasing the prestige of the clan blazon
accumulating functions and florins
through the management of alliances

Creating an aristocracy in the various levels,
from which selecting the Knights of Ofelon.


Ofelon project utilizes a Creative Common license
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