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November 30, 2009 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


We are in a historic moment!
After the discovery of the wheel, we are living in another era that will deeply mark the progress of mankind: the era of mobile phone.
The phone is a portable instrument that allows us to communicate with whoever we want and for as long as we want; the mobile phone now can play as well the function of calendar, clock, alarm,  game, camera, etc.. but it is called phone and always will be named so because its main function is to meet a human primary exigency: communication.
Communicating means to relate to others, sharing knowledge, culturally enriching, having more means to understand ourselves, the others and the world around us: it means then to have more resources for having a better life.
Since we are in an age of global communication (we also have television, Internet and other powerful means of communication, however, integrated into the mobile) we should all be super-informed, super-communicative and extremely happy but, unfortunately, we are not: indeed we are increasingly stressed, depressed, lost, insecure, strangely more and more lonely, at least dissatisfied and often unhappy.
Why this contradiction? What is the meaning of all this?
Several philosophers, theologians, sociologists, anthropologists and scientists have tried to search the “truth” with the noble intention of helping humanity to live better but unfortunately there is no single answer, as complex or articulated it could be; it does not exist a “recipe for happiness” that can be valid for everyone.
Once acknowledged that we can’t pursue a revelation that can be valid as a recipe for happiness for all mankind, we must reflect on the fact that we can work on ourselves, striving to acquire knowledge and wisdom, aiming to reach our own serenity, balance, the elements that are certainly underlying the well-being and, by walking this road for ourselves, we can also see how it is inevitable to forward positivity to every human being with whom we enter into contact. We must be aware of how many little steps, which over time make progress, have not been made to solve the problems of all the world; perhaps the man who invented the numbers did so to count his sheep and did not expect to obtain anything more. It is therefore natural to start from the particular problems and then to move on to those general, that means to start by examining the small problems closer to us, more within our reach. In principle it is presumptuous to think we can solve the great problems of the world, especially if we have not solved our first small personal problems. Let’s dedicate ourselves to small steps then, because these are the ones leading to great progress in all fields.
The following work is therefore a path taken by us authors for ourselves, through a set of concepts and subsequent reflections, with a view to achieving greater awareness of who we are, what we want and what we can do to achieve what we want, always respecting the role we have.
We want to extend this experience also to you, without any pretence but to stimulate thinking about your paths of life, especially if you are at the beginning of this long  journey.

Enjoy the walk.

The next publication consists in a dialogue that will sanction the start of our path of reflections:
the departure on the path of awareness.
We are waiting for you!




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