Departure from the path of awareness

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December 1, 2009 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


“We just guessed the right day for this excursion;
Can you feel this nice breeze this morning? ”

                                                                               “Yes, hope that it will stay like that for the whole day,
                                                                               because the path we have chosen is long and impervious ”

“We have not even started yet and you already complain!
We have comfortable shoes and a lot of things to say, what else can you ask for? ”

                                                                                “A notebook and a pen, 
                                                                                to record all the nonsense you’ll say ”

“In 2009 still notebooks! Don’t you have a digital recorder? ”

                                                                               “I’m sorry, but I’m not so homo tecnologicus”

“I always said that you are a retrograde!”

                                                                               “Yes sir, I’m retrograde and proud of it;
                                                                               retrograde but not with the meaning of being contrary
                                                                               to the of progress,
                                                                               but contrary to what is considered normal ”

“Damn, after years of isolation
I forgot that you speak so well,
your property of language…, we can say…
you’re defining yourself as someone different from the others”

                                                                               “Touchè, but not in the sense that you think”

“Truce, otherwise if  we continue this way,
we will be exhausted before we even start our way ”

                                                                               “Come on, let’s just check if we have everything we need 
                                                                               and then go”

“Ok: our feet are in our shoes, our brain is in our skull…,
yes, we have everything!”

                                                                                “I insist, lend me the notebook as I will have a lot to write…”

“Speaking seriously: have we brought the compass?”

                                                                                “For the walk we are going to start, we don’t need the compass,
                                                                                we’ll orient by ourselves from time to time ”

“Okay, let’s start our walk!
Do you want me to chronometer the time we’ll take? ”

                                                                                “Maybe with your digital watch?”

“No, with our grandfather turnip!”

                                                                                “Watch that there is no one after us,
                                                                                we have all the time we want to achieve
                                                                                an awareness that will allow us to proceed 
                                                                                in successive stages;
                                                                                on this path we can proceed peacefully…
                                                                                one step at a time… ”

“Let’s go, let’s go as I can tell already that today you’ll drive me crazy;
I’ll go crazy! ”


Let’s start; with the publication of the first paragraph, planned for the next few days, the blook will start.
You can accompany us day by day on this path, with your comments and your funny medieval nicknames.
Do not miss “the first step “!




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