1.b.1 – Is it important to know the evolutionary history?

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December 12, 2009 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

Is it important to know the evolutionary history?

History is a systematic narration of facts considered in their evolution through time.
The history of evolution of life on Earth is therefore the science based  reconstruction of how the ancient forms of life have resulted in the successive ones until today.
It should be remembered that this is something quite different from the theory of evolution of species, which tells us that species change and evolve, but not how they did it.
The scientific theories generally consist in a description of the laws of nature that remain unchanged over time and are therefore still valid; history instead reconstructs a series of past and, in principle, unrepeatable events. It follows that the theory of the evolution of species is a pure scientific theory and history is a historical and scientific reconstruction.
The incredible variety of living beings on Earth is the result of the phenomena at the basis of evolution: the randomness of mutations leads over time to exploit all the possible opportunities, including to colonize new environments; in these new environments, mutations resume the process of adaptation and natural selection leads to the creation of new species, all in a cycle without end. The consequence of all this is a progressive increase in the variety until there are available environments and resources.
The growth of the variety is also favored by another phenomenon: the mutations tend indeed to accumulate and form more complex structures which, by definition, have more parts that can then be modified.
Every species, including man, has thus behind its own history a long path, made up of all species that have preceded evolving one by the another.


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