1.a.6 – Is there a kinship among all species?

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December 8, 2009 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

GORILLA RID  Fotolia_5005909_XSIs there a kinship among all species?

When a species is divided in two or more species, we can say that the new forms appeared descend from the first as the children are descended from their parents. This way it is highlighted a kind of kinship between species which, as human beings, may arise from each other, have a common ancestor, belonging to a very large family and form dynasties with also very complicated genealogical trees. Generally, the more distant the relationship is, the greater are the physical differences that appear, as a result of the sum of many mutations; with a reverse reasoning, as more are similarities, the closer we expect the kinship to be. With this criterion, it is easy to establish that a gorilla is a closer relative of man than it is of a horse and that this, in turn, has a closer kinship with man than with a hawk.
All this shows that man is not derived from present monkeys as well as a given individual is not derived from a cousin; the human  species and that of gorillas, today coexisting, result from an ancestor of both species as well as two cousins descended by a pair of grandparents in common.



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  1. Morias Enkomion says:

    Our behaviour is, in fact, not so distant by that of other social animals. The difference should be that we have a brain, but our instinct doesn’t seem to be bothered about it… and a helping hand is given by the masses’ manipulators.

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