Chapter 3.a

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March 4, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


We know well that our mind, to guide us in life, does not need to know only the nature around us, made of trees, rocks and animals, but must also to have knowledge of the community to which we belong, made of men. Man is a social animal and its community is the environment where he lives; the laws that govern such environment must be then well known, to be able to live in it; in addition to natural events such as rain, snow, seasons etc.., he must be able to understand and foresee social events, namely the behavior of other human beings, in order to define his own. In the end, the principle is always the same: we search the correct behavior for survival; over time, our brain naturally develops some criteria to determine what behavior is right or wrong, but clearly these criteria are also culturally learned.
In our mental map, the landmarks for selecting the right behavior are called values; they will appear as something precious to preserve, safeguard and hand over, so that, in order to protect them, we appropriately adjust our daily actions. Values are something very personal, even intimate, that however should be shared with friends and acquaintances; a book is certainly not the most suitable mean for comparing our values with those of others and the main purpose of the following discussion is not to propose new values or give examples to imitate, but to lay the groundwork for introducing the following topics and make them more easily understandable. It is our firm belief that everyone should manage his own values, criticize and improve them, if necessary, by his personal considerations, exactly as we now do with ours.




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