3.a.1 – What’s the meaning of life?

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March 5, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


What’s the meaning of life?

The image that modern science gives us of life is that of a natural phenomenon, like wind and rain, a result of physics and chemical laws; what is the meaning of wind and rain?
The scientific view of life seems to tell us that life in itself has no meaning, nor has ever had, while if we consider it well, it tells us that it is life that gives meaning to anything, as every organ in our body, every cell, even each protein was accurately designed by natural selection to hand down life to the next generations; even our brain is no exception to this rule: our will to live, the instinct of self-preservation, curiosity, the capacity of imagination, intelligence, the memory and even our superstitions, as we have seen, have a role in perpetuation of life.
In the world that surrounds us, every object acquires a meaning according to the role that plays in our lives: our clock can be a useful tool to measure the time and then plan the day: this way, it could be seen as a valuable work tool; if its brand is prestigious, it can be an ornament which we can show off in important social meetings; if it is a gift of our sweetie, it can be a symbol of love; sometimes it can even be all three things together.
All our thinking shows the emergence of life in our mind: what would have a meaning without life? Could we ask ourselves these questions without being alive? Of course not. Life has therefore clearly a role and therefore a meaning, it is the first and most important landmark in our mind, the first of our values
Life, being so indissolubly linked to our nature, is always a value, but today the dangers that may threaten it have changed: no more bears, lions and wolves, but robbers, road accidents and accidents at work; it follows that today the ways to protect life must change, a cultural adaptation is necessary and inevitable just because life keeps its role.


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