3.a.11 – Do global values exist?

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March 15, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


Do global values exist?

Having considered the value of human life and its relations with the social context, it is appropriate to also focus on environmental context. This is an absolutely new value as the environment in the past had never needed particular protections and appeared as an eternal and unassailable frame, outside of our influence; no one has ever doubted the importance of the environment, but it could not be seen as an asset to manage.
Today the situation is quite different, we know that our life has originated and depends from the natural environment, that any damage to the environment will inevitably affect our welfare. Over the past century, damages made to the planet ecosystems were of such magnitude to make urgent a change of culture that inserts the natural environment among the fundamental values to be protected. This process is already underway, but is not developing with the necessary speed that the seriousness of the important situation would require.
It is also a value that needs to be protected through an International collaboration and this complicates matters further, because such a political alliance never existed; it is equally true that such an alliance is increasingly necessary to address global problems such as the management of economy, overpopulation and all problems related to humanity as a whole. The recent advent of global problems, namely those that affect us all, is paradoxically giving a new value to humanity as a whole, as an essential resource for the solution of these problems.
Examining the role of the environment and humanity in our lives, we realized how the river of life, even in the rivulets most distant from us, is a value to protect.




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