3.b.10 – It is true that unity is strength?

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March 26, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

 It is true that unity is strength?

Among the basic needs of man there is the need to socialize, to form a group, for our both material and psychological prosperity; it follows that among the most important forms of freedom, there is that of association, meant as the ability to form subgroups within the society. This is a freedom really feared by the political authorities, since unites the dominated population that can organize and plan a rebellion; it is not by chance that an old saying “divide and govern” is a principle well known and applied in all eras; as a final confirmation we can remember that once it was forbidden to form or join to trade unions of workers or to certain political parties.
At this point it is appropriate to highlight a feature of the free association: it was created to meet the needs of its members, then they expect some benefits from it; the group is a strategy to live better, if this interest fails, it would be better to dissolve it. A logical consequence of this principle is that everyone should receive the benefits of joining the group; if someone belongs to a community, but is damaged by it without drawing any benefit, he should not be called a member of the community, but its victim. Everyone must therefore have the right to form or choose the group that best brings convenience and it is very important to have the opportunity to leave if staying longer is no more convenient; to prevent that the group becomes a prison and to avoid abuses, it is therefore necessary to include to freedom of association also the freedom to dissociation.
The association uses the principle that unity is strength, which opens new possibilities of action and therefore of freedom: in particular we should remember the trade associations for the protection of workers and consumers, which allow to produce well-being and protect people, producing jobs, making them more livable and protecting families and their savings from deceiving products and services.
The core activities such as eating, drinking, protecting ourselves from bad weather and from diseases, are not individually conducted but are possible thanks to the cooperation of a large number of people and the same can be said regarding the protection of certain fundamental values, like family and work; the association then certainly is a value tied to that of life but, allowing to carry out activities otherwise impossible and facilitating many others, is closely tied to the value of freedom as well; it is worth recalling that to defend our own rights and thus our freedom, being this latter too an activity often collectively carried out, requires a degree of association.


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