3.b.14 – Democracy is a current value?

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March 30, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

Democracy is a current value?

In today world, even in the absence of the above problems, the population in its complex would not be able to exercise its democratic authority due to the mere fact that has not been trained to do so. As we have already previously said, our mentality is still very similar to that of subjects, most of us did not vote to support a government program or to get a political replacement, but to promote the irremovable protectors as the nobles in the past, and it is therefore accepted with incredible passiveness that our elected (upon trust) do not maintain their promises and fool us shamelessly.
This serious phenomenon, which we can define the syndrome of serfdom, highlights that the first enemy of democracy is the lack of democratic culture; in current conditions, democracy is impractical in most Western countries and this is confirmed by the fact, already highlighted in the previous chapter, that governments of modern industrialized countries maintain a conduct very similar to that of ancient monarchies, in effect treating their citizens as subjects to be exploited, although with less violence and a lot of misinformation applied with method.
Democracy, as we said, is a prerequisite for freedom of the population as a whole and also for that of individuals; it, is therefore essential for the welfare and progress of humanity, but that democracies we know are only apparent, are poorly managed attempts, effective democracy does not exist yet and therefore cannot be protected in the present, but only built for the future; even more than the homeland must be considered a fundamental value to achieve in the years to come.



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