3.b.15 – False freedoms are a serious danger?

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March 31, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

False freedoms are a serious danger?

We have seen how the behavior of each of us follows the map mental we have, as this is based on the benchmarks represented by human values, and how the lack of clarity, even in terminology, on these concepts leads to a psychological pollution that leads us to act against our interests. With reference to the value of freedom, we found that it can be fully protected only in the presence of a true democracy, but we also understand that the current democracies are only apparent, because there are not the two assumptions that ensure full sovereignty of people. If we do not reach this awareness, how can we progress? How can we search for a democratic system if we are convinced to have already obtained it? Here is the serious problem of false freedoms, i.e. those situations where constraints in which we find ourselves are not immediately clear.
The false freedoms are certainly fuelled by the improper use of words: if we define democracy a system that is not democratic , it would be difficult to try to understand what is the true meaning of that term and therefore we would not ever try to pursue a true democracy. Sure to be in a democratic system, when inevitably severe social problems spread, we try to apply corrections to the system as may be the electoral majority model, the Election threshold, etc.. but in this way, even if we obtained results in the short period, we would not eliminate the social tensions in a stable way and the same would even tend to recur in ever more pronounced manner. To be aware of not being free is the first prerequisite to try to free ourselves, but this is not enough, because immediately after we must identify the real cause that limits our freedom and the right alternative; if people feel oppressed by the political system and remain convinced that it is a democratic system, with the exasperation of social tensions they will get to hate democracy rather than pursue and protect it as one of their primary resource. In a state of such hardship, people will tend to remove the real cause of their problems, i.e. the present political system, but confusing this with democracy, could open the doors to the return of authoritarian and tyrannical systems which by definition are the denial of freedom.
Still talking of democratic freedoms, we have already said how a false fundamental freedom is the freedom to vote without the freedom to choose the candidates; the borderline is when there is only a candidate, but this is a case where at least falsehood of freedom is more than obvious; what would change if the candidates are a thousand, but anyway all imposed? Virtually nothing except the fact that it is much more difficult to realize of being in a condition of false freedom; a second false freedom consists in the freedom to vote a plurality of candidates tied to a few groups or few people, i.e. freedom of voting a false plurality, a third false freedom is the freedom to vote by choosing among candidates of which are not known neither the capacity, nor the programs without having the possibility to verify their work.
Furthermore a free vote in a democracy requires a free information; on this side, a false freedom consists in having access to a plurality of sources of information which are carriers of censored, incomplete or, thing to be stressed, absolutely useless information, but suitable to distract people from real problems; a second false freedom is when the plurality of information is only apparent as all the major sources are attributable to the same group of interest or, in extreme cases, even to the same person.
One cannot conceive a democracy that does not ensure to its citizens the freedom to work, but if an honest job, either as employee or self-employed, cannot ensure a home and to be self-sufficient, there will be yet another false freedom.
Even the freedom to protect health can degenerate into a false freedom; health should be safeguarded especially at a preventive level and to do so we must have the right knowledge, keep the correct behavior and enjoy those of others: an imbalanced diet can cause heart disease, and thus be even lethal, to follow the correct food principles would be preferable, but if one is forced to eat foods chemically processed, although moderately, with toxic substances (in order to improve the color, flavor, preservation), it is clear that it frustrates all individual efforts.
Thus there is the need for an adequate legal system to create the rules to protect the freedom to live well and live with dignity, further to an efficient judiciary system that ensures the compliance to these rules, but both of them depend on the political system there is in the country we are, and in a condition of false democracy, also the freedom of seeing our rights protected easily becomes a false freedom.
All these considerations must not demoralize us: they should rather serve as a stimulus to begin to recognize and counteract the false freedom; to this end an ancient value, but increasingly current, becomes fundamental: the value of knowledge.



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