3.c.9 – It is necessary that the opinions are widely spread?

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April 10, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

It is necessary that the opinions are widely spread?  

Having understood the importance of finding reliable information, it is legitimate to wonder why we do not normally worry much of evaluating our sources. The answer can be found in the need of members of a community to remain cohesive, to be able to live together and reap the benefits that such cohabitation offers; for a peaceful and useful coexistence, it is necessary that the views are widely shared and disseminated and clearly this works better if the individuals do not insist to deepen and reprocess any news. Religions have played an important role to this end, preserving for centuries beliefs and opinions that have been homogeneously disseminated in the population.
The need to rely on the opinions of others has also become even more pronounced with the specialization of social roles, in fact, today we would not have neither the time nor the competence for investigating any information; our superficiality that we daily demonstrate against the information is then the price we pay for a more united and more specialized society; then we can say that in a community is more important to have information and opinions widely disseminated and shared rather than real.
All this must not make us think that today there isn’t the problem of misinformation, because we must stress that these allegations remain valid in a real community. We have already had occasion to clarify that today we do not live in a community, but in systems dominated by monarchies and dictatorships or political parties and economic powers; in this context, the trend to remain superficial turns against us, as it becomes a powerful tool in the hands of the ruling class to maintain its privileges; for example, it is frequently heard extolling the importance of a community and the sacrifices that must be addressed in its name, when it does not exist any community.
Our natural inclination to superficiality affects us all: we consider good the information given by unknown people on the television, we follow the family history of sports figures and entertainers etc.. but in a world that changes, we must necessarily adapt to new threats and develop antidotes to new dangers.



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