Chapter 4.a

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April 17, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


Let’s look at the mirror: after having examined the nature of man both by a biological and cultural point of view and after having reflected on the role of our personal values in life and in today’s world, we can face the problems that torment us in everyday life with greater awareness of our needs and therefore with more possibilities of finding valid solutions. The problems too are reference points of fundamental importance in our lives because all our activities are directly or indirectly linked to the solution of some problem. The problems affect every moment of our day, but one obstacle may be differently perceived by different individuals, although it might affect the whole population; it is therefore good to carefully choose the personal criteria to deal with various problems but it is also necessary to discuss them with others, to reach earlier or better solutions; we must also remember that to find and implement solutions is a job that often requires the collaboration of many people and then talking about our problems is an essential and unavoidable activity.
Any adaptation, both genetic and cultural, is indeed the solution to a problem linked to survival and all our needs, of whatever kind, are in practice some problems to be solved; and we can then say that they truly are the salt of life, fundamental impetus that leads us to act both as individuals and as unaware actors of the evolution.


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