4.c.14 – Right or left?

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June 8, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

Right or left?            

The tendency to form the bipartisanism is facilitated by the traditional dualism between the right and left, that is, between conservatives and progressives. Again, it does not harm to learn the origin of these terms: “Right” and “left” indicate two opposing factions, referring to the position held in France, more than two hundred years ago, by members of the general assembly compared to the president of the same; on the right side took place those who tended to keep the monarchists and religious powers, such as “traditionalists” or “conservatives”, while on the left there were those who wanted to limit or even eliminate these powers, therefore called the “revolutionaries” or “progressive”. This terminology was first adopted in all Europe and in then the Western states and the Italians, who are a population known for being creative, to dilute the extremist connotation accumulated over time by the two words, have coined two new ones: center-right and center-left – to indicate that part of the right more open to changes and that of the left least inclined to a total revolution, that is, two groups that tend to converge towards an ideal “center” of equilibrium.
In the last two hundred years in Western countries many things have changed, in particular the absolute monarchies have disappeared and have probably done it in a shorter time than the most outspoken revolutionaries of 1789 dared to hope; even the Pope, who is the only one to have retained the title of an absolute monarch, has seen anyway all his kingdom and its monarchy disappeared and today is confined to the Vatican City, an independent state but having an extension of only 0.44 km ². The left, understood in that original meaning, has completely won and therefore should not have more reason to exist, therefore the right, finally defeated, would have become extinct long ago. In practice, however, a true democracy has never been implemented: the ruling class of nobles and religious has been replaced by a new class of dominant economic powers, less detectable and therefore more subtle of the previous one, which has every interest in maintaining lit the fire of confrontation between right and left, which rotates in democratic government, to hide the real problem.
We believe it is of fundamental importance to shake off the labels of right and left, without inventing new ones like “centrist” or “moderate”, because there are no longer problems of the right or of the left, nor problems of the center; our sons and daughters have serious difficulties to make themselves economically independent, no matter whether they wear jacket and tie or jeans and sweaters; we are all lined up in traffic, either listening to classical music or to rap music, our women are being attacked regardless they have piercing or tattoos or designer handbags and French manicure. What happens when, being  everyone on board, some row forward and others backward? Exactly what happens to us every day, we spend enormous energy to turn round in the middle of the fog of our mental pollution.





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