4th Break

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June 10, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


 “This medieval alley is characteristic,
although it is somewhat suffocating, being so close,
tortuous and dark ”

“It is narrow, indeed, but we can’t say that doesn’t well represent
the name that was given to it; then, as regards the lack of lighting,
look up, look at that beautiful hanging lamps,
all in wrought iron, but strictly switched off, no one cares about it”

 “I understand, you mean that often we create the problems by ourselves
or at least make them bigger than they are in reality ”

 “Not only, even if we define them in their full extent,
then we do nothing to solve them and spend our lifecomplaining
in the vain hope that someone else will solve them for us “

“But it is not a normal behavior?
After all the chatter that we have done
on the social community and specialization … ”

“Mind that hole on the pavement!
 But be also careful not to stumble in the reasoning.
 A social specialized community becomes advantageous for all
 when it is synergistic, that is when there is a simultaneous and coordinated action,
a genuine interaction between all components “

“And to have a real integration, everyone should be aware of his role
and act accordingly, while seeking to improve his culture
and keep constantly informed in harmony with his social group ”

“Bravo, you’ve successfully avoided the obstacle,
the one in your head, I mean, isn’t it? “

“Thanks my venerable lord and master,
your wisdom is as immense as your magnanimity.
Coming back for a moment among the mortals,
we can focus the following issues
as of major importance  to humans:
• The lack of culture;
• Lack of information;
• Lack of social relations“

“Exactly, but without neglecting the inertia, so that every culture,
any information and any socialization is stultified when no action follows.”

“Action that must not be disordered,
but considered and consequential
according to a precise methodology ”

“Yes, if we want to give ourselves airs, using an English definition,
  we can talk about problem solving “

“Let’s do an exercise:
• Focus: I have pangs of appetite;
• Analysis: this is clearly hunger;
• Alternative solutions: attractive tavern in a contrada style
  at the end of the alley or tempting typical restaurant
  that we have   just passed:
• Enforcement: pouncing on the table
  eating all that can be eaten, monitoring the impact
  during the implementation and make a   final evaluation
  with a nice local Grappa ”

“In front of so much Applied Science,
 I cannot but follow you down to the tavern “

“Why have you preferred the tavern to
the restaurant? “

“Because going back means going upwards … “



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