5.c.7 – Are we looking for a representative or a leader?

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July 29, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


Are we looking for a representative or a leader?

Our nature leads us to be commanded and not to be represented, to have a leader then and not a representative, but our nature has also selected us to live in a village made up by no more than a hundred people: how can our nature conciliate with the modern states been formed by millions of people? How is it possible to have respect for the leaders without knowing them? How can we acquire an identity and a national pride without a real community?
In our opinion this is the way to go: if we respond to these questions in harmony with our nature, then we can begin to design our prototype of democratic instrument.
The modern village, although it is designed to give immediate benefits to those who take part in it, can also be a viable training for democratic culture. The village is made up of similar people who have freely chosen to join and can freely decide to divide (not only due to conflicts, but also and especially to grow), people more or less interchangeable on the basic concepts, who choose their representative depending on their availability and elects a leader, when necessary, according to esteem gained from direct knowledge. The villages are represented by a permanent delegate to ensure continuity in relations with other villages and this is accompanied by an expert of the subject to be discussed; the various levels of the federation of villages lead to the innovative concentric model already discussed above and thus villages may be the cells of a new social fabric, the components of a new structure: the democratic structure.



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