5.c.9 – Who should be the first ring?

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July 31, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


Who should be the first ring?

Let’s try together to see if our model of concentric democracy is applicable to a city or an entire nation (recalling that first we need to disseminate the necessary democratic culture through the experience of modern villages).
If we want to create a truly democratic structure, it is obvious that the first ring should be composed by all citizens of full age, i.e. by the people, who in a democracy holds sovereignty. The concentric structure is one of the tools that this structure uses to organize and self-manage; in particular, this tool is used to make decisions collectively, and, according to human nature, this occurs through dialogue between acquaintances, relatives or friends; we all indeed love to talk and ask for advice to the persons we most care for and trust. The  Kings have always had ranks of advisers and experts, why then the sovereign citizen should do without it? So to give a valuable contribution to the democratic management, a team effort will be automatically required. The ring is to be divided then in very small groups of well-knit friends, which in fact already exist, but with the new system they will take a key role in the society that is institutionally recognized. And if a person does not want to deal with policy or the topic of the day? He can automatically avoid it, delegating all the others or one person in particular. The problem is not that some decide for others, this is what already happens, the population accepts this principle and indeed, in some cases, even relies on a dictatorship just to have someone who decides in its place; we must once again remind our nature: we are social animals, selected to organize in groups and rely on a leader, there is nothing more natural that we rely on another, the real problem is who should we choose and according to what criteria.
We already know that to vote a stranger following the TV advertising or similar means to renounce to democracy and is also known that skilled unscrupulous speakers can handle the crowds obscuring who has better reasons, but less skills. We can add that it is very dangerous to judge a representative on the basis of educational qualifications, professional achievements, the capital owned, the income, the fact that has no criminal records or a combination of these or other factors, because it would be very misleading, just a waste of time. Each of these criteria could select the most capable and most reliable only in the presence of a context that ensures real equal opportunities for citizens, because only then the degrees would establish who are the most studious, the success would reward the most deserving, the wealth would belong to the most capable, etc. .. In a context where everything is distorted due to lack of true democracy, in which degrees can be so bought by a kilo, in which the professional and entrepreneurial successes are ever more due to political support, in which wealth means lack of scruples, where the criminal record is kept untouched if one can afford the best lawyers, or through targeted amnesties and pardons, these criteria would be useless. Finally, there are no educational or professional achievements that ensure the most important virtue for a representative, which is his reliability. The problem of choice is instead immediately resolved in a small group: no outsiders, no advertising, no crowds that can be manipulated; perhaps the choice is limited, but certainly is much more reliable and this is the most important thing.
The first ring therefore must be divided into small groups, mainly to select a representative to whom listing our discomforts, talk about it or even ask for advice. Most of the population in fact, although suffering hardships of various kinds, often does not know the real cause of these and even the real problems to be solved; not knowing how to act, people is in search of someone who acts in their place, but now do it by choosing among perfect strangers who emerge thanks to the support of election campaigns that cost hundreds of millions of Euros. If we are to achieve genuine democracy, we should not encourage all people to daily take care of politics, it would be against nature and also would never work;, it should be rather created a system allowing a real representation, which can be easily obtained in small groups through direct acquaintance.
The first step for solving a problem is to be aware of its existence and know that this is manifested through a hardship. This first step occurs spontaneously in the first ring, when common people speak of their problems to people nearby, particularly to those on which they rely.



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