5.c.13 – The political structure starts in the third ring?

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August 4, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


The political structure starts in the third ring?

Once you reached the third ring, the representatives of the Clan will once again gather in groups to form a Village, called so because it reflects the natural form of human association which is the tribal village. It is the largest structure within which everyone knows the others quite well, in which we can then take advantage of direct acquaintance, but already at this level it is unlikely that members of the group are people who usually meet, and therefore we must start to establish rules of behavior to be used as standards to ensure efficient cooperation and to allow, if necessary, an easy shift from one group to another. Although the group members, not being strangers, will reach in a short time an adequate degree of confidence, it is good to address this problem immediately to avoid a recurrence magnified with successive groups, which are obviously much larger and their representatives will initially be strangers. If we say the various Clans are formed on average by 28 people, from the union of six Clans will be formed a Village of 168 members, about double of an ancient tribal village. In order not to go too distant from our nature, therefore we fix as 170 the maximum number of members of a village.
The groups of the third link do not resemble either to families, or to family assemblies: they are the first official bodies of the new social order. These groups represent a Village which is only a modern variant of the villages presented in a previous chapter, but it is appropriate to highlight some differences: remember that the modern village is a whole of people who decide to organize privately to try to resolve the root problems and thus improve the quality of their lives already in the current political system, while the village referred to in this paragraph is an entity of the new democratic structure, much like the first, but made up of one more ring, in order to include and also protect those who do not have a great spirit of participation.
An official body must have well defined functions and the task of the Village is to compare and discuss the problems felt by its members, in order to arrive o a correct and common definition of the same. We expect therefore that at the third ring it is achieved at least the second step towards the solution of a problem: its grading. This work is predominantly done by the trustees of the second and third ring, but remember that each ring is linked to the previous one and that there representatives are a liaison between the various groups, usually are the coordinators and spokespersons, they rarely decide independently for the others. That is the basis for establishing common rules in the assembly of the Village, but for carrying out this work, no particular formality or special structures are needed: just remember that the members of the assembly are only five or six and that aggregations, while being free and having the internet available, in all likelihood will also follow a criterion of physical proximity; then the official meetings, when necessary, will take place at the home or the office of a member or maybe at the restaurant.



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