5.c.15 – Can we overcome the concepts of hierarchy and control?

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August 6, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


Can we overcome the concepts of hierarchy and control?

Our cultural evolution has created systems based on authoritarian hierarchies, on suffocating controls and on the consequent heavy penalties; they are systems as widespread as to become normal at all levels: in families, workplaces and society in general; this tradition is so rooted as to be adopted and passed by our religions, becoming even stronger.
The natural aversion to such systems has led to a gradual dissolution of the same, but since in the meantime no alternative models could be found, it has also led to a gradual disintegration of every social institution: teachers mocked and insulted by their pupils, although adolescents, doctors reported by patients, parents entirely dominated by their children etc..; in this chaotic progression the demand for more authority, more control and stricter penalties grows exponentially, in short we feel the need to go back. We must then realize that we haven’t lost a good model, but simply we have not replaced it with a new and efficient model.
The modern village, the human coral and the democratic structure Endeavour through the application of the concentric democracy, to implement a new model that seeks to replace the hierarchy imposed from above with a shared organization(which is not a flattening or repudiation of the different roles that people necessarily have to cover) and wants to replace the exasperation of controls (also regularly evaded) with a responsible personal pride, with minimal pyramidal controls and replacing them with direct responsibility (self-control) and collaboration (peer monitoring) . In a system of rings there are no vertices, each circle embraces and circumscribes the inner one,  at the same time helping and limiting it; we have already said that in this system the needs and problems of people, all equal on the same ring, converge toward the center and find solutions when centralizing; such solutions are then radiated outwards with a kind of pulse that will keep our society alive and will make it grow. Let us build our model.



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