5.c.18 – Do we need the assistance of specialists?

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August 9, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


Do we need the assistance of specialists?

Within a village there is a considerable cultural diversity, being made up of over one hundred people, and any issue everyone seeks advice from those who know more. When the various Clans send their representatives to the Village, they should also take account of their technical expertise regarding the subject to deal with. Since there is no reason to always send the same representative, they may also change it depending on the agenda, or send two or three specialists in different fields that will alternate at the meeting according to each issue discussed.
If this way to proceed does not involve any problems within the Village, as in a Clan the expert’s choice is immediate, going to larger structures things will be more complicate. In fact, in more internal rings indeed, the assemblies are made up of strangers who, if replaced continuously, will remain such, there wouldn’t be continuity in their work and, even worse, they could not competently choose a common representative, compromising the entire system.
On the other hand, the purpose of the concentric structure is to exploit cultural resources of the entire population by selecting the best ideas, therefore a specialized training is essential. Therefore, in order to ensure stability and efficiency to the system, each Village will send in the fourth ring a stable representative with coordination functions, who will maintain relations with the other Villages, and one or more experts who in their field will be confronted with their colleagues. The same system will be applied by all the subsequent rings. From a single representative we pass then to a team that presumably will grow in the more internal rings, together with the growth of needs and the variety of subjects. This will also help to address a number of different problems at the same time.



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