5.c.19 – How is the government formed?

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August 10, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


How is the government formed?

Once  reached the last two rings, as we have said, they must determine what are the policy objectives at national level in their final form. This is reflected in laws applicable to the entire community (especially by the external legislative ring) and in guidelines for the executive body (drafted by the internal legislative ring). To highlight this important function we’ll call these rings Legislative Center, within which dozens of teams coming from the former ring, each equipped with high-level specialists, work.
These experts are chosen with the usual system by the colleagues from the former ring, therefore they follow an elective channel separate for each specialty. Legislators generally have both the technical expertise on the field that they have to deal with and mediation skills for collaborating with colleagues in the same field and with those of their team. The ability of mediation is especially important for the role of representative coordinator to whom is also entrusted the safeguard of coherence with the popular will of people he represents.
At this point the problem arises of choosing those to whom entrust the task of implementing the political programs set by the Legislative Center, i.e. how to form the executive body equivalent to the current government. Even in this case, these are specialized tasks, then a team to collect the necessary skills will have to be formed. Considering the similarities with the teams existing in the concentric structure it appears immediate to entrust them, with the usual procedure, the choice of ministers of what we’ll call Executive Center. Just like the members of teams in the Legislative Center are selected, the candidates for the office of minister will be selected too. Those candidates, according to the functions entrusted to them, should have the following qualities:
– technical competence, they must be experts in the sector they must deal with
– organizational competence, therefore they must be experienced in management
– ability to mediate, then they must be balanced people, wise, able to intercede between the parties to reach an agreement.
But how many people have these qualities? To select for each ring such wonders may seem very difficult, however, for these cases nature has provided us with two basic strategies which are very effective: the specialization and cooperation. For not giving up any of these qualities and make sure they are all present in every ministry, we can set that each group of the penultimate ring chooses a list of people, so that each of them presents a different quality. By this criterion specialized and well-assorted groups are formed, made of an experienced management minister and two assistants (a technician and a mediator), who should ensure a high degree of efficiency.
In order to reduce as much as possible the risk that, as we are witnessing today, in the selection of ministers would overlap interests other than those of the nation, it seems appropriate to introduce a system of drawing lots for each three people group: in this way to protect a private interest it will not be enough to try to promote a corrupt candidate, but it would be necessary to try to bribe everyone first, because everyone can be drawn, and this is obviously more difficult. The draw also has not problems for the technical competence because with the concentric system they all will be automatically ultra-selected, and that just because we are talking about directors and not of sports champions, they must be prepared to do the job and not to win competitions. So if by chance it happens that the worst group among those available is drawn, they will still be able to do a good job.
It should be stressed that the office of minister is held by one person only, the expert in management, which holds total responsibility for their own area with no alibi as he personally responds to citizens. The management office is made up of a list of three persons, but the technical expert and the expert in mediation mainly have an advisory or however subordinate role.
It is also to be reminded, finally, that the ministers, although carefully selected and then up to the office received, can always rely on the work done in the different rings with respect to their field of expertise and will be able to do so thanks to modern technology which enables the creation of indexed archives, archives accessible at all times and with great ease, with different query methods etc…



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