5.c.20 – How to maintain the separation of powers?

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August 11, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


How to maintain the separation of powers?

To protect democracy while maintaining the separation of the three fundamental powers it is necessary that nobody, except the first ring, can control all three. The Legislative Center is controlled directly by the third from last ring: this ring therefore will  have no authority to interfere with the work of the Executive or the Judicial authorities. This objective can be easily achieved, considering that from the fourth link each category of experts elects through the usual procedure the experts of the next ring; each category thus follows a path of election separate from the others and the same will happen to the Executive and the Judicial categories. The paths of those who carry out the three forms of authority of the State will be then completely separated, as well as their respective functions are. For the same reason also the professional contacts between different authorities should be limited to the minimum necessary and subject to special regulation.
It should be noted that the Judicial Authority shall be managed and that it includes not only the judges, as well as the Ministry of Health is not only formed by doctors but also nurses, accountants, biologists, chemists and who knows how many more categories. The Ministry of Justice cannot be considered as separate by the Judicial Authority: even today it is a single system for the judicial activity; it follows that the ministry, of which the Judges are a key component, still must be separated from Government in order to maintain the separation of powers.



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