5.c.23 – How to ensure control over the three powers?

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August 14, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


How to ensure control over the three powers?

To exercise control over the Legislative Center, it is enough to apply the Verification to it, as to all other rings, but to make things even easier we can predict that the popular view is activated automatically every two years so that everyone knows that he has to give account of his work to the first ring within a short time. Is it appropriate to apply such an instrument at the Executive Center and to the Judicial Center? We think that  perhaps it is even more important since the work of the Executive Center is immediately reflected in the daily life of the population: let’s think of a new system of management of medical specialized checkups at public hospitals that significantly shortens the waiting time, of a new system of access to university lectures that allows to anyone who wishes it to follow them, of a new system of allocating jobs in the public offices that it is fast, impartial etc.. It is therefore a crucial point of our concentric system, that must radiate outwards its actions with the benefit of the entire population. Ministers must not be subordinated to those who appointed them directly, but must respond directly to the People, the real sovereign in a true democracy. A quite similar procedure can be applied to the judicial authorities, on which the security and confidence that the citizen shall put in the State depends.
We believe most appropriate, indeed necessary, that the various ministers and the head of the Palace of Justice are subject to a verification every two years. We have already said how it is difficult to exercise the democratic rights with one vote and it is therefore logical that people confirm or do not confirm the various ministers with separate votes: why dissolve an entire government when, for instance, only the ministers of Defense and Education are not fit for their role? And why keep inefficient Ministers of Defense and Education not to dissolve the entire government? Voting separately the various ministers  would solve the problem.
In our democratic structure based on a concentric system in which the entire population is involved, although with different functions and with different degree of involvement, we have seen how it is essential a flexibility that allows continuous aggregations in the first ring and consequently continuous reorganization of the groups in levels thereafter. However, we cannot forget the need to give a minimum time to the  members of the central bodies, both Legislative and Administrative (of the Executive Center and of the Palace of Justice), to express their work done through a continuity of direction.
To balance these needs, we can establish that the greatest flexibility remains for the formation of groups of different rings (through the mere expression of willingness, to be expressed using the special institutional software), while the Legislators and the Administrators, once appointed, cannot be replaced respectively by the or the Section of origin for a period of four years.
However, strong of a four-years power, the Legislators and the Administrators may take advantage of it to reap some personal benefits or, worse, to exploit the concentric system on the contrary, so that it radiates towards the outside a generalized system of corruption that would consolidate their stay in power. Accordingly a popular verification every two years perfectly fits in the system: after being elected to any office, all our senior officials must give account of their work to the first ring; in order to avoid being dismissed in mid-term they must necessarily take into account expectations of the population. After the first check they will do likewise if they wish to remain in politics.
As a further security measure, to prevent that over time they can consolidate, in an hidden manner, a system of private power based on their political office, we can also establish that the positions of Legislator and Administrator are not renewable; they shall therefore continue to cover official roles only in the outer rings.



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