5.c.24 – Does the concept of verification complements that of election?

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August 15, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti

24-verifica-ridDoes the concept of verification complements that of election?

In the existing political systems, where the people are called to the polls, we rightly talk of electoral competition; there are more candidates for the same office and each must compete to win. So in a system based on propaganda, there will be a continued revival of special effects: the speeches prepared by staff of experts in communication, in statistics and psychology, TV commercials made by the best directors, screenwriters, make-up artists and musicians, convention in the major sport facilities with majorette, giant screens, star shows, fireworks, etc.., but who pays the hundreds of millions of Euros needed to do all this? We have seen that there is no lack of sponsors, but they are those groups of economic power that inevitably will require and then obtain by those elected what is needed to strengthen their dominant position.
With the democratic structure we have already solved this problem because one becomes Legislator or Administrators through a concentric system of appointments that do not provide for any election campaign, while with the system of popular verification we overcome the protective barrier that is formed by the accumulation of rings.
It is to be noted that there is a big difference between an election and a confirmation; in an election, the candidate must compete against other suitors (in a more or less correct manner); in a confirmation the representatives must compete only with themselves and the only way to win is to achieve the results that people expect. In case of removal, the office will be obviously entrusted to another person with the usual system. While now, trying to be re-elected, a representative must pay his debt to those who have supported him and still it does not warrant a reappointment, with the new system, he must necessarily take into account the needs of the population and this will ensure him to keep his place until the end of mandate, and the possibility of continuing to hold political roles in the outer rings. It follows that in case of opposing interests, those of citizens will always prevail. The elections, however, surely remain necessary, but in our structure are much more reliable and, through verification, also subject to direct and specific corrections.



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