5.c.28 – Did we achieve our objectives?

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August 19, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti


Did we achieve our objectives?

Let’s check together if the newly designed system meets the starting needs that we have set:
– the democratic structure puts all adult citizens on the first ring and gives them equal opportunities; anyone, with only seven steps, can take the office of Legislator
– the structure is based on a concentric system of small groups in which the speakers capable but dishonest cannot be favored
– the people who do not want or cannot take political positions in the different rings can still rely on direct knowledge of their representatives (presumably at least until the fourth ring); since representatives of the third ring have direct relations at least until the fifth, every citizen can relate with a Legislator with only two mediations
– The Executive Center, formed with the concentric system, is a form of self-government which of course will follow the popular will; in any case it is to people that it has to give account for its actions during verification for mid-term confirmation in office
– the system of verification for mid-term confirmation allows an effective control of Representatives
– for the above one can say that citizens are the highest authority
– the people who now abstain from voting, which in that country taken as an example exceed the 19% of the population, often discouraged and resigned, may find in the new system new interests and new enthusiasm, bringing their contribution in the selection of the best ideas.
Based on the above, we can therefore say that the democratic structure, as designed, realizes a true democratic system, but once again we shall remember that these are laboratory tests, which although accurate, will have to be tested in order to be considered truly valid. Our democratic structure is probably not perfect in its current form and should be perfected over time based on achieved experience; however any democracy must also be able to improve. It is important to note that even those who do not appreciate our system will have the opportunity to change it by participating: is there any other political system having this characteristic?



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