The arrival to Ofelon village

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August 22, 2010 — Riccardo Sabellotti - Giacinto Sabellotti



“Damn, what trek you made me do!”

“Long and with many obstacles, but wasn’t it worth the trouble?”

“Bloody hell, if it was worth!”

“Did you see, one step at a time, where we can get?”

“Practically, we got to a point of departure,
we have everything yet to do …”

“What is that tone? I don’t recognize you,
wasn’t you the workaholic in our family?”

“I have never drawn back,
if there is to roll up our sleeves,
I’m always ahead of everyone !”

“Now it’s okay!
The path we just completed can be considered
as a warm-up”

“Call it warm-up, I’m worn-out;
I cannot wait to reach our grandparents home,
the place where I better slept in the world”

“I perfectly agree,
do you remember that wonderful summer vacation
 when home was nice and cool
with that walls one meter thick? ”

“How could I forget?
They are among the happiest memories of my life
but no more nostalgia now!
We must cherish every memory of the past,
but use it to go forward
with pride and determination! ”

“Make peace with your mind,
do you want to go to and have a rest or to conquer the world?
Anyway, whatever you decide,
I will always be with you “

” I never doubt it; let’s do this:
Now we go to sleep
and from tomorrow we start the conquest of the world ”

“It seems to be a reasonable compromise,
 but if this is a retreat before an important charge,
we must then give a significant sign;
this last hundred meters to the house,
 let’s run them with a final burst! “

“Oh heavens!
Since when you dare to challenge such a greyhound as your brother? ”

“From now, asshole!
Run, ruuuuuuuun …. “

“Ah, you coward!
I catch youuuuu…. ”


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