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In this section it will be published
a role-playing game
to familiarize with the new ideas,
playing together to colonize
the Land of the Thousand Crystals.This game has a medieval setting
and its target is:

The organization of the clans
the colonization of a territory
and the constitution of a kingdom

Making alliances among clans
to overcome the seven levels of the game

Increasing the prestige of the clan blazon
accumulating functions and florins
through the management of alliances

Creating an aristocracy in the various levels,
from which selecting the Knights of Ofelon.

The game is a free space
and the only requirement to participate
is to register as users.
The immediacy of publication of the comments
and of short movies
does not allow preventive filters:
accordingly, the contents and the results
of the game
depend on the correctness
and on the cooperation of the participants.

The following is absolutely not allowed:
advertising messages, pictures or movies,
messages, pictures or movies
with offensive content,
messages, pictures or movies
containing obscene language,
messages, pictures or movies
whose content constitutes a violation
of the Italian legislation
(criminal incitement to violence,
defamation, etc.)

Anyway, the site managers
can cancel at any time
the published messages,
pictures or movies
and at their own discretion.


Ofelon project utilizes a Creative Common license
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