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We are publishing a book
to express the basic considerations
we intend to deepen and share.

These considerations are developing
in the following way:
man and his nature, our culture,
human values, problems to solve
and hypothesis for these problems solution.

The book will be published free of charge
in this section;
full reading and downloading
in several formats is possible.

From this section it is possible to have access
to a blog to add comments or proposals
beside every paragraph of the book
in order to share the reading,
deepening the contents,
even during its publication.

The application of a blog to our book
is called “blook”.

The blook is a free space
where the only requirement to participate
is to register as users.
The immediacy of the comments publication
does not allow preventive filters:
accordingly, the contents and the results
of the blook
depend on the correctness
and on the cooperation of the participants.

The following is absolutely not allowed:
messages not inherent to the paragraph,
advertising messages, messages
with offensive content,
messages containing obscene language,
messages whose content constitutes a violation
of the Italian legislation
(criminal incitement to violence,
defamation, slander etc…)

Anyway, the site managers
can cancel the published comments
at any time
and at their own discretion.




Special thanks and final considerations

August 23, 2010 —


Besides the authors mentioned in the bibliography, we want to thank all those who, with their professional, scientific, literary work and with the television dissemination, have contributed to our education.
A special recognition is due to our teachers and all people, even those who are no more with us, which with their affection and their presence have accompanied and still accompany us in our journey. (Click on the title for reading the whole post)

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