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The Village of Ofelon is a site of cultural sharing in which we can actively participate with our comments primarily to the blook and the presentation of our ideas in the game Knights of Ofelon, that are valued by the community of users, but to give our contribution to improve the site by reporting typos or errors in the texts, suggesting technical devices, reported cases of vandalism on the site, etc.., we have this section through which you can communicate with the Bourgmestres.

To communicate with Bourgmestres there is not need to be registered, but registration is the first concrete step to participate in the Village of Ofelon.

We can enrich the contents of the Village of Ofelon and share them worldwide in many ways, for example with cartoons, videos or photos inspired by the paragraphs of blook, with translations into other languages etc.

Ofelon for all and all for Ofelon!
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