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vintage still lifeHow to register

Ofelon Village is a website which contents can all be freely browsed, but to actively participate, inserting your comments on the blook, sending your suggestions and translations by email and also to play the Ofelon Knights, a simple and free registration is required.
It is suggested to choose a name of medieval inspiration so that the discussions take the charm of a real round table. This pseudonym can be made up of a medieval name followed by a reference to:
• the city of origin
(Alaricus of Rochester, Beatrice of Canterbury)
• a physical feature
(Gaufridus the Short, Desdemona the Goldenhaired)
• a character feature
(Geneva the Negotiatress, Maynard The Fearless)
• a feature in the emblem
(Lucretia Yellow Band, Landulfus Winged crest)



To make the atmosphere even more pleasant, we suggest to use an avatar inspired to the same setting. Here there are two examples chosen by Hildebrand the Peasant and William the Eclectic among the thousands of images that appear on the internet related to key words like templar, knight, damsel, middle ages, druid, wizard, etc.
To match your avatar with the user profile, as shown in the guided registration procedure, you only have to connect to the website where, simply by inserting the same email address utilized to register to the Ofelon Village and the selected image, the chosen avatar will be automatically matched with your character. Now your comments on the blook will be highlighted by your avatar!

To register, please fill in the following spaces:

User name                                                                             pericolo Attention!

The user name is utilized to access to the website and cannot be modified. To make it easy to remember, it would be better to chose a short name, maybe also used for other applications, considering that, utilizing a nickname, the user name is undisclosed.

E-mail                                                                                      chiocciolina Essential!

An email address is needed as the first password will be automatically created by the system and sent to the provided address. When the registration is completed, you’ll receive by email the password for the first access to your user profile. This can be customized, starting by the password. Utilizing the same email used to register to Gravatar, you will appear on the Ofelon village with the selected image. Your email will be undisclosed.

Name and Surname                                                           visto Privacy ok!

Your real name will be considered as private and confidential.

Medieval nickname                                                    smile Very amusing!!

On the Ofelon Village, you’ll appear with the chosen medieval nickname, but once made the first login you will have to confirm it on your profile page. Since in this page the system automatically gives the user name as nickname , you’ll have to replace it with the chosen name and update the profile clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. Then select the chosen nickname as public name to disclose and update your profile again. Now you are really ready for the round table!

Consent to the treatment of personal data                 visto1 Privacy ok!

In compliance with the enforced legislation, it is provided the informative note on the treatment of the personal data, to safeguard the user privacy. In order to proceed with the registration, it is requested to consent to the data treatment by clicking on the specific box.


lente_ingrandimento Let’s have a look at the guided registration procedure

Don’t let the number of the following images makes you hesitate, they are only a few clicks in five steps!

 1 – Select your avatar on the web

 2 – Register your email address on Gravatar

 3 – Match your avatar on Gravatar

 4 – Register on Ofelon

 5 – Customize your profile on Ofelon



Ofelon for all and all for Ofelon
Let’s register!!



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