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The world is changing faster and faster and we must be more and more able to stay on the crest of the wave. To do this we need cohesion and action, participation and sharing, especially in the field of cultural management. We are in the Internet era and we must take advantage of it. More and more services are available on the internet and this one, with its global use, on one side makes possible to enjoy endless quality services spending a few cents apiece, and on the other gives everyone the opportunity to make their professionalism bear fruit. We can all be prosumer, namely producers and consumers of services for mutual benefit, it is easier than it sounds, but the first step must be precisely a cultural advance, to begin to reorganize our lives through the concepts of the future.


Ofelon is not a commercial company, it does not sell anything, not even a gadget or advertising space, not even a non-profit association because it does not collect subscription dues from its members. Ofelon is a village of culture sharing in which everyone can express his own ideas and everyone can benefit from the ideas of others to find practical solutions to real problems.

Donations are needed for the maintenance and improvement of the village and especially for the development of the game Knights of Ofelon, knights without swords but with lots of ideas, a game in continual evolution into a sort of fusion of a role playing game and a social network .

Show everyone that in order to share ideas with concrete results there is no need either to do business activities or of banners and advertising links.

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